We meet a lot of people over the years, in and out of gyms. Some we remember for good reasons.
Andre has been one to remember, first as a nice guy, but he was also my trainer for a year. His knowledge proved him to be an excellent choice I made.
He thought me technique and form, both I use still today ...
I've always recommended him, and will continue to do so even today

Thanks buddy,

Jon Stipdonk
Hamilton, Ontario



Andre played a very important role in my fitness journey. It was only when I started training with him that I started seeing positive results in not only my physical, but also my mental health. He always planned fun and educational workouts for me, and he made it possible for me to stay motivated. In our sessions, he made sure he was teaching me the importance of proper form, so that even when I wasn’t with him, I could exercise in a safe and successful way. I am certain that without Andre, I would not be in the same physical shape I am in today. He helped me reach my fitness goals, and I will forever be thankful for that.




When I met Andre I was pushing 235lb and wearing a 38 waist pants, I had been with a trainer before but fell off the wagon the second the sessions ended because they didn't care about the client (me) the way Andre cares. First thing Andre did was give me a number to reach him so our appointments could work with my hectic shift work schedule. Andre even kept on top of me when it came to doing my own workouts and checking in on my nutrition.

Even after my sessions with Andre ended he made the effort to stay in touch and make sure I didn’t fall off the wagon again. I couldn’t be happier with my transition from 250lbs in Feb/16 (Nov/16 when I met Andre) to 200lbs Mar/18. Andre became the friend I needed to motivate me to become better and reach my goals and now they are attainable due to no small effort from Andre!!

Now down to a 34 waist and feeling great you can see the difference between the old and new selfie. They say the face is the last place to lose weight and well I’ve lost a lot. I learned to Invest in myself because that is a long term investment worth making!

-Josh B.



Andre at APT Fitness has been working with our nine-year-old son throughout the summer to increase his foot speed. Using one-on-one sessions focused on balance, agility, and flexibility, our son has remarkably improved his speed, coordination, and confidence. In turn, his work with Andre has translated into faster speed in lacrosse and soccer as well as greater agility in hockey. Our son especially appreciates that Andre explains the rationale for each activity and listens to him when he has questions. Thanks Andre!